• Cooey! Haven’t you heard?
    Cooey! Haven’t you heard? No matter what your print problem is, we’re here to find the solution that makes your life that little bit easier, whenever yœ need us.
  • Get an 'oo' with your print
    Get an 'oo' with your print Our experienced team have the knowledge and skills to provide the highest quality print, every time. Just talk to the Lœp Grœp!
  • Talking Print
    Talking Print Whatever you need to get your message out there, Loop can provide you with the print that gets people talking. Fast. Whœsh!
  • Yoo hoo! Print is alive
    Yoo hoo! Print is alive and flourishing, we’re here to prœve it! With a variety of print choices to suit even the most challenging of demands, we’ll find the right one for yœ.

Welcome to the  logo-loop-text

The highest quality print delivered, on time, is the very least you should expect from your print supplier and it’s no exception at The Loop, although we aim a little higher.

We’ve listened to our customers and we fully understand that the world of print can be a frustrating place from the outside. That’s why joining The Loop is different. From receiving a brief or finished artwork through to delivery, we will keep you informed of your job’s status every step of the way. No more chasing to find where your print is. No more false hopes. We will be honest with you at all times.

Here at The Loop, we live and breathe print. We have over 45 years' experience of print and it’s many intricacies. Every item passes through our team’s expert hands to ensure when it arrives, it has the all important ‘Œ’ factor.

Talking Print............ It’s what we dœ!!

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Personalised print just for yœ!!

DSC 0947webPersonalisation gives your print more clout... end of! The recipient’s name in strategic places on a letter, mailer or brochure, adds so much more weight to your message. It says you have taken time to identify who might need your products and services. It says you are working more smartly to target potential clients rather than the ‘spray and pray’ approach. Talk to The Loop about a strategic personalised mailing campaign...

See what The Loop can dœ for yœ!!


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Print that starts with yœ!!

Loop print webBasically, here at The Loop, we are first and foremost printers, but we also understand that is no longer enough just to say we’ll print whatever you want. Ultimately, it’s about ‘yœ’, how to get your products and services to market in the most effective and cost-efficient way. It’s no good printing you 10,000 multi-page brochures if that is not what a particular campaign requires. It’s no good because it probably won’t be effective enough and you’ll probably not come back to us. So, here at The Loop we will listen to ‘yœ’. We will evaluate what you would like to get across and advise you on the best way of doing it. It could even mean bringing in one of our cross media partners to add to a print campaign with e-mail marketing, messaging service or telesales follow up.

Loop...listening and creating impact for yœ!!
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Design that makes you go 'œ'!!

DSC 0382 webFirst impressions count, right? Well your company’s printed literature could be the first thing to land in the hands of your potential customers. Be it a letterhead, business card, leaflet, folder or brochure, it doesn’t want to leave the receiver saying, ‘So what?’. It needs to make them say ‘œ', I wonder what these guys can do for me!' Cue The Loop, and let our designers determine your requirements precisely, to evaluate what you’re about, what you would like to say and translate it into a design to give you the perfect image. In short, giving you optimum visual impact.

Give your sales a bœst, call The Lœp!


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Graphic designers and agencies... you need to talk to the Loop Groop.

DSC 0999-webHere at The Loop, we understand deadlines are only unreasonable when they’re just for the sake of it. While other printers might complain about ‘ridiculous print deadlines’, we understand the constant pressure you guys are under. The fact that the print element may be just one small cog of a particular campaign, and sometimes getting sign-off of a proof on time, in a long chain of command, can be really tough. The Loop will work with you, keeping you informed and updated at all times.

It’s why we chose our name... we will keep yœ in the Loop!!
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ISO 14001 CMYK UKAS logo - RGBISŒ and the Envirœnment!! Here at The Loop, behind the buzz words, we’re deadly serious about service, quality, efficiency, sustainability and value.
We believe high environmental ethics, linked with highly efficient and measured production, are the corner stone for performance and a very potent formula, that help us deliver top quality printed products on time and on budget.
That is why we have achieved ISO 14001 environmental certification. We are constantly monitored by external sources to make sure we are up to speed and ready to deliver.

In short, less waste, less mistakes, higher quality, faster production is more competitive and equals best value for yœ!!

Loop Print has been certified to ISO 14001:2004 for the following scope: The environmental, management of all activities at the Harvest Lane site including design, lithographic, digital and large format printing, finishing and despatch operations. Certification is subject to periodic surveillance and re-assessment. For further information regarding the validity of the certification please contact Print and Media Certification on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Loop Groop!

loopgroopThe Loop Groop can now offer a vast range of print related services, from conventional print and exhibition banners to promotional items. To find out more about the wider Loop Groop, click below:

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    Tips and advice when supplying artwork. Please make sure all support files are included, with fonts. Where possible, please convert text to curves/paths/outlines. Try to link all support files to the document and avoid embedding items. Jobs should ideally be supplied as individual pages, rather than being imposed, as our Read More
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